5 Questions to Ask When Deciding Which Gate is Best for Your Home

A gate can complete the look of your house, fence and property, but it can be hard to know which one to choose. At Chaytor Fencing Co, Tauranga’s gate solution specialists, we suggest you use these five questions as a starting point when tackling the important decision of which gate is best for your home.

1 – Why do you want a gate?

Considering the purpose of your gate will help you narrow down which option is best for you and your particular needs. Is it for aesthetics or security? For safety around a swimming pool or privacy around your yard? A glass panel gate, for instance, would work wonders around a swimming pool, but wouldn’t do much for privacy, so it’s important to start by asking why.

2 – How much space do you have?

Different gates work better with various section sizes and shapes, so your next task is to assess the space you are working with. Short driveways suit a sliding gate where the gate open alongside your property, taking up precious little room; swinging gates are a good match for long driveways with abundant space.

If you opt for a swinging gate, will it open into or outside of your property? Again, consider the space – if there’s heavy foot or vehicle traffic, an internal gate makes sense; for houses on quiet streets or rural properties an outward swinging gate works well.

3 – What style do you like?

Finally, the fun begins – it’s time to look at which gate style you like the most. At Chaytor Fencing, we have a variety of gate styles, from traditional vertical rails to horizontal slats, minimalist DuraPanel gates to our solid colour panel gates. Do you want standard black or a powder-coated finish that can be painted any colour under the sun? Will you match the gate with standard posts and hinges or is custom-made more your style?

4 – Are you after automatic?

Automatic gates are convenient, easy to use and offer extra security, which is why they are becoming a popular choice. They do, however, cost more than standard gates, so the frequency of use and how valuable these qualities are can help you decide whether this added feature is worth it.

5 – Do you need more privacy?

If you want a gate to provide some additional privacy to your yard – say your entertainment area is at street level or too close to the neighbours – a less transparent gate might be more appropriate.

If you know which gate you’d like to complete your fence, or want some more help choosing one, talk to the fence and gate specialists at Tauranga’s Chaytor Fencing Co.