Add Privacy to your Section with a Driveway Gate

Whether to keep pets and children inside or unwanted visitors out, a driveway gate is an excellent way to increase your property’s privacy, security and even value. With many houses in NZ already partially fenced, driveway gates are becoming an increasingly popular way to secure the perimeter of the home.

For anyone looking to add some privacy but doesn’t know where to start, Chaytor Fencing Co. has created this list of residential driveway gates for those located in Tauranga.

Manual Gates

Manual driveway gates are the simplest and most affordable options to create a border between your home and the area beyond. You’ll have to pop out of your car to open the gate every time you leave or arrive back home, which isn’t much fun in the cold or the rain.

If it’s not for daily use but you want the option of a fully fenced off section – say when guest cars will be parked outside or during family playtime in the front yard – a manual gate could be for you. If you will use the gate several times a day, consider an automatic gate instead.

Automated Driveway Gates

Being able to open and close the driveway gate from within your car has the obvious added benefit of convenience. Automated gates are excellent for daily use and enhanced security. There are plenty of options for automated gates, such as sensors that will detect when your car is coming, opening the gate without even pressing a button.

Whether you choose manual or automatic, Chaytor Fencing Co. has two main styles – swing gates and slide gates.

Swing Gates

With doors that swing open and shut, automatic swing gates are popular among residential and commercial properties throughout Tauranga. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to suit your style and, with few moving parts, swing gates are very easy to maintain. Swing gates work well in narrow, long driveways where you need enough room for the gate to open without scratching the car.

Sliding Driveway Gates

Equally attractive, safe and secure, are sliding driveway gates. These gates slide open alongside your fence instead of into your property, which works well for shorter, wider driveways. These gates don’t need much space to work well, though a fairly level section and space free from shrubs or trees is necessary.

Additional Add-Ons

There are a number of additional extras to add onto your driveway gate from solar panels that recharge the battery to automatic gate locks and intercom systems. It’s worth splashing out to get the most secure and convenient driveway gate – it’s a one-off fee that will protect your home for years to come.

Interested in installing a driveway gate at your property? Talk to Tauranga’s gate specialists at Chaytor Fencing Co. today.