Same House, Different Gate - Which Gate Goes Where?

If you are installing a fencing system around your house, there’s a good chance you’ll need more than one gate to accommodate different access points on your property. From driveways to guests, gardens to boats, there’s many places where a gate is beneficial.

The team of fence and gate specialists at Tauranga’s Chaytor Fencing have come up with a breakdown of the various types of gates that may suit your property.

Driveway Gates

When we talk about gates, the first thing that springs to mind is the driveway gate – the one completing the fencing system around your front yard. The priorities for driveway gates are two-fold: security and aesthetics. You want a residential driveway gate that offers your children a safe place to play and deters burglers from seeing your home as an easy target. But you also want a driveway gate that is attractive, suiting the look and style of your house. Chaytor Fencing has plenty of gate options that will deliver on both.

Pedestrian Gates

Depending on the layout of your house on its section, you might also have a pedestrian gate for visitors to enter the property on foot without opening the driveway gate. These smaller gates can match the driveway gate, or complement it.

You have a range of style options for your pedestrian gate, but you want to make sure the handle is easy for visitors to find and use. You can enhance security or convenience with keypads, intercoms and remote-control access.

Garden Gates

At the side or back of your house, you may have space for a garden gate – an entranceway straight into your backyard garden. You have some more room to play with style here, choosing a garden gate that suits the personality of the greenery growing within. Whether it’s a timber gate framed with ivy, a colour slat gate or an antique gothic gate, this gate creates a boundary around your garden and accentuates your style.

Pool Gates

A pool gate needs to be secure and sturdy but it is already within the backyard, so privacy isn’t a concern. Popular pool gates include glass pool gate systems that create a safe barrier without breaking the view of the backyard, or attractive powder-coated DuraPanel aluminium gates for a classic look.

Gates for Boats, Trailers and More

You may need a particular gate that opens onto a section of your property containing valuable assets like a boat, trailer or classic car. These gates are often custom-made to suit your particular storage space while keeping your valuables safe from prying eyes. But you also want these gates to be easy to operate, so getting the boat out for a day on the water isn’t a chore. Our Colour Panel gates work well for this function, and can be made to any size.

For quality gates around your Tauranga, Mt Maunganui, Bethlelem or Papamoa home, get in touch the fence and gate specialists at Chaytor Fencing.