Selecting the Best Fence for your Swimming Pool

Nobody can deny that backyard swimming pools are an excellent addition to any Tauranga home. However, pool owners also have a responsibility to keep people – especially little people – safe, which is why NZ has a number of rules and regulations around safety fences and pool gates. Chaytor Fencing Co. provides the ultimate swimming pool fencing options that comply with safety rules without sacrificing style.

Safety Rules in Tauranga

Here’s our summary of what’s required of pool owners as set out by Tauranga City Council:

• Pool fences must be at least 1.2 metres high

• Pools must be fully enclosed

• Fence cannot be climbable

• Gates must open outward, have self-closing hinges and be self-latching with latches out of children’s reach (1.5 metres)

Dauting as this may seem, Chaytor Fencing Co. knows these rules like the back of our hand. We install secure pool fences so you can enjoy your pool with peace of mind, all without compromising on style! Here’s some of our most popular pool fence options in Tauranga.

Glass Pool Fencing

Glass pool fencing is a popular choice because it is safe and secure, with clear glass balustrades that don’t take away from the sunny spaciousness of the backyard. Glass pool fencing can be matched with glass pool gates, to complete surround the pool enclosure in a transparent barrier so you can enjoy your view, even in the pool.

Solid Wall Fences with Glass

For a twist on the glass pool fence, solid walls with glass panels are a great choice. The contrast between the solid posts and the see-through glass makes for beautiful and sophisticated backyards. The walls can come in a wide range of materials and designs and they block both noise and wind to turn your swimming pool into a backyard oasis.

DuraPanel Aluminium Fences

If you prefer aluminium, our DuraPanel fences are popular pool options. Using aluminium to surround a pool means that you don’t have to worry about the fence or gate rotting or rusting, as you would with wooden or iron fences. These fences are built to last and will stand up to the biggest water bombs your kids can throw at them!

The DuraPanel Delta Aluminium Fence is durable and affordable, safe and secure. It offers a traditional tidy straight-edged look for the classic NZ home.

Our DuraPanel Axis Aluminium Fences offer a slightly different style of aluminium pool fencing. With vertical bars that are closer together and extend past the top rail, the Axis makes for a very modern looking fence.

Both of these aluminium pool fences comply with Tauranga’s pool safety regulations and are fitted with appropriate DuraPanel pool gates that will keep the kids safely outside the pool area. There’s enough maintenance required with keeping the pool clean – quality powder-coated aluminium pool fences need little maintenance and cleaning.

For more information on beautiful and safe swimming pool fences, talk to the specialists at Chaytor Fencing Co in Tauranga.