Tips to Keep Your Fence and Gate in Tip Top Condition Over Winter

We’re well into winter in NZ and, by now, most of us have prepared our homes in many ways for the colder weather. We’ve checked the insulation, stocked up on firewood and are trying to keep the windows dry. But what about your fencing and gate system?

A big part of the appeal of Chaytor Fencing Co’s quality aluminium fences is that they will stand strong and secure with little upkeep required. Still, there are a few things you can do to keep your fences in tip top shape during a cold, damp Bay of Plenty winter.

Keep an eye out for climbing plants

We’re not outside as often in winter, so we might not notice those tree limbs or climbers making their way towards our precious aluminium gates and fences. Take advantage of a sunny winter’s day and trim any trees, weeds or plants starting to encroach on your fence’s space. This will save you a bigger maintenance job come summer and prevent anything heavy from falling onto and damaging your fence or gate.

Blow away leaves

Strong winds can cause fallen leaves to gather around the bottom edges of your fence, locking in moisture and contributing to mould, mildew and unwanted pests. Sweep those accumulated leaves or blow them away with a leaf blower before they get out of control.

Keep your fence looking sharp

Powder-coated aluminium fences and gates are basically maintenance-free, but you can keep your home’s first impression looking shiny and attractive with a mid-winter clean. Spray with a hose to remove dirt and dust, especially in coastal areas where salt can accumulate and leave unsightly white residue.

Lubricate your gate

Keep your gate’s hinges and chains, wheels and screws springy by lubricating them twice a year. Talk to Chaytor Fences about what products are best for your gate.

Don’t forget about pool fence safety

We’re always diligent to maintain our pool area’s safety in summer, but this can sometimes slip our mind when we’re no longer keen for a dip. Young children, on the other hand, are just as interested in the swimming pool in winter, so keep an eye out for pool gate hinges that aren’t springing shut on their own.

Get a fence installed today

It’s pretty easy to maintain your aluminium fencing systems over winter – unless of course you don’t have one in the first place! To install a fence or gate, talk to Chaytor Fencing Co. For over 47 years we’ve been providing Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty with quality fences and gates.