Laminata Fencing

For a modern timber fence that makes use of the latest construction innovations, choose laminata. Laminata fencing offers a tongue and groove system, using interlocking planks to create a seamless mirrored look on both sides. Laminata fences are easy to assemble, durable and able to withstand high winds. With great acoustic properties and an attractive look, they are very neighbour-friendly fences. Pair them with matching posts and a quality gate and your laminata fence will be the envy of the street.

Chaytor Fencing Co has over 47 years’ experience building fences in Tauranga, Mt Maunganui and Papamoa. We manufacture, supply and install only the best – and that includes this ingenious tongue and groove fencing option.

fence height:

Panel Height:

Panel length:

panel thickness:

Horizontal rails

vertical bars:

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Panel Profile:

Slat size:

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Post Centres:

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